UPDATE as of
Aug 27, 2018

For all those who have been following me with the series of The Magic Sceptre,  I had to make a heavy decision this year and will not be at the BIG E as a vendor in the RI building. (I will post other shows when available)

 My books can still be ordered online.  “The Legend of Blue Santa” and  “Back to The Beginning” are currently sold out but I may reorder the books in soft cover as I’ve had many request for these 2 books. 

 You might see me during the BIG E as I will be volunteering in the RI building at the information desk during part of the fair. 

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to share my books but more so…..to meet so many wonderful parents and sweet, adorable children (some of whom have grown up in front of all of us)  and…. now I’m “Auntie Joan” to many.  I have been blessed and honored.

 Thank you with all my heart for enjoying my Magic Sceptre series. 

 Auntie Joan
J.K. Creame

    NOTE: All the Magic Scepter books have unique stories and can
be read and purchased in any order

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