The Magic Sceptre

Beneath the dust of many many years, in an old attic library, another magical book was found. It’s old orange tattered and worn leather covered book tells a story about Beeula the witch, who was frightened by Halloween. After she reads that Santa knows more about Magic than anyone, she goes to the North Pole and explains her problems to him. He is the keeper of “The Magic Sceptre” and loans it to her. Now it can be told, once again, how Halloween doesn't have to be scary thanks to The Magic Sceptre.

This is the third in a series of The Magic Sceptre holiday books for young children. As a child, perhaps we were all a little frightened of those "monsters" and "ghosts," but with the help of The Magic Sceptre, a little magic, common sense and fun are the answers not to be frightened. May you have only treats and no tricks for all the holidays.

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