Don’t forget to read the list that helps all Tooth Fairies at the end of the book.

Children have asked questions about losing their teeth and about the Tooth Fairy though out the ages. What do the Tooth Fairies do with the Teeth that are collected? How do Tooth Fairies know when a tooth has fallen out? Why can’t I see the Tooth Fairy? What if I have a broken tooth? I lost my tooth, will the Tooth Fairy still come and leave a present? The answers to these questions about Tooth Fairies can now be answered.

Join Teena the Tiny Tooth Fairy and her Tooth Fairy friends on their adventures and problems of being a Tooth Fairy, starting with their training at the Academy of Primary Teeth.

They must also attend Wing Tip Flight School and learn how to land without crashing into each other when returning to the Command Center of Detached Teeth. Teena, being small, has her own special problems to overcome.

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