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"A story of Christmas magic with shimmering illustrations."
- Marc Brown
Creator of the "Arthur" books

A short time ago, tucked away in an attic library, amidst the dustof many, many years gone by…a magical book lost long ago was discovered.  Its blue leather cover was weathered and cracked.

“The Magic Sceptre” tells of the Sceptres’ many wonderous powers. How it helps Santa do all the magical things he does during the Christmas Season, which up until now has never been told.  Thus, begins the story…

Everyone has seen Santa in his red suit, but did you know that Santa also has a blue suit?  With the help of The Magic Sceptre,

Santa is able to disappear from everyone’s sight.  Once invisible, Santa knows all the Christmas wishes that the children of the world are making.  The Magic Sceptre also helps Santa to make all his Christmas Eve deliveries without ever being seen.

Shhhh…..Keep the Magic a Secret
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